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Course Benefits

What this course will bring:

You will acquire all basic skills required to implement the methods and techniques that are specific to a professional psychologist. Thus, you will be able to:

  • become a fully independent psychologist who can master all procedures in his office;
  • work for a psychology office or an authorized psychological unit;
  • make an informed decision in terms of which skills suit you or are a must for your free practice career in psychology.

What You Will Get:

The knowledge and skills acquired as well as a certificate for on-going training approved by the "College of Romanian Psychologists".

Dr. Corina Mihaela Zaharia


I have tried several business models prior to doing what I currently do.

A few of these models: teacher, trainer, supervisor, evaluator, counselor, head teacher, psychologist within a psychiatric yard in a hospital, member in the commission for establishing disability degrees, in a psychology lab for transportation, in a police intervention team for special actions, in gendarmerie, in management department, psychology offices, in the psychology department of Bucharest University, and in several European projects.

What our students share:



Extremely enjoyable, interesting and different. Congratulations! During this course I felt valued. It was truly an experience of personal and professional development.

Bogdan Hurmuz

Psychology graduate

Excellent idea for conducting the course in this combined way (free, without writing all the time, generator of personal ideas). A great atmosphere. I consider that I have accumulated, through the presentation method used, through the materials used, through direct interaction, more knowledge than in any other course in which I participated. Thank you for this and keep it up!

Cornel Drăghici

Psychologist in training

A road can be traveled in a few months alone, or in a few days with a mentor. The courses created by Professor Corina Zaharia can make a difference. Sometimes good choices can definitely affect your life! I can't wait for the new courses to be published. The ones I went through are really transformational!

Cătălin Vizireanu

Clinical and educational psychologist

The course was very useful, well organized, based on practice. Exactly what I needed. Before leaving my share of impressions, I read what my colleagues also wrote. I admit, I'm a little curious… It gives the impression that we were somehow conquered in this course. The truth is that it was a unique experience, a course we all learned at any age!

Monica Frătișteanu

Licensed psychologist

It was an excellent course, I learned more than I expected. I felt appreciated and learned a lot of things without trying to. But most importantly, I learned how to do things. It is a course in which you practice everything you are going to do after you finish it.

Monica Lucaciu

Clinical psychologist

An excellent, special course, completely different, with many practical applications and a lot of involvement. It was what I wanted and couldn't find. And as a saying goes: “theory, like theory, practice kills us!” Practice has killed us in a pleasant and constructive way.

Mirela Șerban

Psychotherapist and clinical psychologist

The courses organized by Corina Zaharia are full of content, excellently positioned as time - duration and date - and especially taught by professionals. The Tree Test is the course organized by Corina Zaharia in which I participated and the almost personalized way in which it was exposed made me able to assimilate the essentials so that I could leave, as they say, with the lesson learned. The possibility to return with questions, the tutor's openness to correct and improve are an integral part of the follow-up process, a process that unfortunately is lacking in many training companies. Simple, on the subject, correct and well organized, the course was a success!

Amalia Baiu

HR Director at Krug

I think that the broad, deep and complex perspective that Corina Zaharia has on the profession of psychologist, on the psychologist's mission in life, in society, in the scientific community is extremely important in approaching this course. I am very grateful to her, in particular, for her modesty (through which she conveys the idea of the need for lifelong learning, at any age and professional degree), for her generosity (through which she unreservedly shares her own knowledge with others), for accepting and encouraging reciprocity in dedication and vocation, and our equality in difference.

Sorina Dascălu

Clinical psychologist, founding member of APASC

I was asked in an interview why I chose training in clinical psychology with an association and not at the university. My answer (given with obvious satisfaction) was the following: training in Corina's office helped me a lot to put into practice the theory, all the courses had applicability, and her experience of over 35 years was shared with generosity and professionalism with us, those who have just taken a few small steps on the great path of psychism. I highly recommend BDE courses!

Mirela Maftei

Managing Director

The first experience with the e-learning platform "Brain Academy" was easy and pleasant. Although I was in a hurry and decided to take a quick look at the platform, I lingered longer than I had planned. It is a friendly, intuitive and easy to use platform. Being a tool addressed to the novice psychologist, perhaps the biggest benefit that this platform offers is that of the application perspective, which only an experienced practitioner can offer. Anyone who will have the curiosity to access the resources offered on this platform by Corina Zaharia, with the characteristic professional generosity, will receive a kind of basic kit -absolutely necessary for starting the profession, the information being organized modularly, easy to assimilate and subsequently implemented in daily practice.

Luminița Daneș

Doctor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist

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