Frequently Asked Questions



  • From the office desk or by mail.
  • There are diplomas for psychologists, with credits certified by the College of Romanian Psychologists and diplomas granted to aspiring psychologists (undergraduates, parents, etc.)
  • This course has its own basic concept, teaching method, interactive, collaborative and innovative approach, and integration in the professional community.
  • Through direct supervision or by online assistance (Skype, WebinarJam)
  • We offer a public virtual library and a private one for registered users or course participants.
  • Some are, some aren’t.
  • Non-registered users can only access the website.
  • Yes, for each course module.
  • The course is based on a curriculum approved and certified by the College of Romanian Psychologists.
  • You can purchase one or two modules or the entire course. The more modules, the lower the price.
  • Viewed videos and completed assignments will be marked in the progress bar on the platform. This progress track will also grant you correspondent points for each task.
  • – Graduation diploma for the ongoing training program with correspondent credits for psychologists, certified by CPR. See here
  • – Graduation diploma with corresponding credits for psychologists, signed by CPR attesting the obtaining of professional credits. See here
  • – Certificate of graduation for aspiring psychologists. See here
  • – Certificate for registered users who have not completed the course. See here

Yes, there will be a Facebook community and/or an online learning community called “The Debutant Psychologist” on Facebook.

The monitor screen will target the online users.

  • By chat or phone.
  • The free materials can be downloaded from the public library.

Access to this community is granted so that you could become a part of it. Click on this link to go to the Facebook page. This platform is one of the most efficient platforms that have been created for online courses. Click here to access all the necessary resources, videos and different kind of tasks.

  • You will receive an invoice as per a correspondent contract. See here. Based on this invoice your employer will be able to cover the expenses as stipulated by the law.

Online or by internet banking. Please make sure you specify your full name, address or any other required information.

  • Prerequisites are assignments to be completed prior to the course and are designed to facilitate the users’ access to the information they will receive as they complete the course. The users will receive these assignments via email as soon as the payment process has been completed.

The final assignment will consist of a 3 to 5 essay that will include a case study.

  • If not satisfied we will offer you a full refund.