Our company has been tunefully built on the experience of some professionals with an excellent socio-human background combined with the enthusiasm and the dynamism of the young generation.

We think each of us is unique and that is why, in the process of solution identifying and development, we start by understanding the nature and the specific of people’s activity. This approach is shaped by a partnership that allows our team to develop the best suited solutions in the shortest time possible.

Zaharia & Co is a civil company certified by the College of Romanian Psychologists (2005). We offer our expertise and professionalism in service in Psychology.

Our competences:

  • Work Psychology;
  • Transportation Psychology;
  • Clinical Psychology;
  • National Security Applied Psychology.

See: www.zaharia-asociatii.ro

Using the Biospecter device, we conduct personalized evaluations such as:

  • Integration of the psychological profile into career direction;
  • Profile energy dynamic;
  • Comparative analysis of resulting parameters;
  • Progressive comparative analysis in separate time sequences for maximum accuracy;
  • Success prediction for children, teens and adults;
  • Determining the progress of an intervention of any kind with the monitoring of the results, both in healthy people, as well as in people who have health problems, disabilities, disabilities, etc.

See also: www.mindmi.ro

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