Association of Applied Psychology and Related Sciences No Stress Center

APASC brings together a group of professionals who intend to meet the needs of socio-professional life where physical and mental overload has become a real problem with adverse implications in all aspects of life.

Based on a complex multi-disciplinary approach to the causes, risks, prevention and intervention specific to stress, the main objective of the association is its solution and transformation into a constructive energy engine, an impulse of action and a catalyst for personal successes on all important life plans.

The main directions of action by which we aim to achieve our proposed objectives are:

  • Organization of training or specialization courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Studying stress, as part of our lives, inter and multidisciplinary. This is because stress is not something that happens to us. He is our answer to what is happening. And the answer is something we can choose, so we can also change. (Maureen Killoran)
  • The assessment of the health status by a group consisting of psychologists, doctors, teachers, staff with superior economic and technical training based on specialized equipment for psychological and medical testing.
  • Proposing a set of appropriate solutions for each case with the aim of recovering the state of health and improving the quality of life.
  • The provision of social services by participating in and developing social projects.

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